February 6,  2019


I am not sure, and I can only speak from experience BUT, I think you are either inherently a “winter sports” person or you’re not.  And…..I am not…HOWEVER, now that I have my little one, I am trying, “trying” is the key word – to give her new and exciting experiences, even if they don’t appeal to me.  Why? The answer is twofold : one, because my parents did it for me and two, because, she has never had that opportunity before and if I, as her Mother, don’t expose her to unique adventures – who will ? As a parent, I feel it is my duty AND commitment to expose her to all things stimulating and intriguing.  And perhaps I have a little bit of an ulterior motive as well – because “new” experiences means AMAZING photo opportunities for me !

So, even though we have been having a Canadian Winter – LATELY –  to date there hasn’t been a lot of snow. For Christmas, my Dad gifted Sophie her very first sled! And until the end of January, we haven’t been able to use it, due to the lack of snow.  

It was a gorgeous, sunny, clear and frigid day….perfect tobogganing weather ! The snow had finally fallen and the lake up at the cottage had  frozen over – so out we went ! We got all bundled up, which was actually half the fun – because Sophie was fascinated that both her and my Dad were putting on their snow pants ! So out the camera came, EVEN before we made it outside…because I wanted to capture her surprise and happiness as she said “Papa, you’re putting on your snow pants too?”.  

Once we finally ventured outside, more pictures of course,  “before” sledding – I could not resist the gorgeous sunshine !! Which made for amazing natural light…then we walked down to the lake, which is just a short walk down the driveway.  

We picked our hill, she jumped onto the sled and Sophie finally got to experience the exhilaration and freedom of literally FLYING down the hill….She had a blast and immediately said she wanted to go forty-four more times! Not sure where she got that number ?- but I knew that in her little world – that meant… SHE LOVED IT !!  


I alternated between incredible pictures and videos, to capture every sweet moment of those thrilling tidbits of her life, which go by, oh so fast in our busy busy existence.

It was truly a glorious occasion.  Was I cold ? Sure ! Were my fingers frozen  from taking my mitts off so many times to take pictures ? YES !!  But the sun was shining, I was with my family AND there is something truly magical about being on a frozen lake.  Aside from the WONDERFUL photos, being out there, looking around at all the ice fisherman with their huts set up – I couldn’t help but be so grateful for having these extraordinary opportunities to experience life and nature and the beautiful world in which we live.  


And the BEST part of all – is that I managed to capture as MUCH as I could on camera – because as you will learn about me – I am all about the savoring the moments, which will turn into memories.


I urge all of you, to take the plunge – literally – get out there, make some memories and capture them, so you will always have them to look back on.



Ann-Marie lives in Vaughan with her husband, and her beautiful 4-year old daughter, Sophie and is usually seen with her camera in her hand!


The First Meeting

September 8, 2018

The first meeting….

The first time I stepped into Artzzy, was Fall 2017, it was a rare occasion that I had some “ME time”, I had dropped my little one off at Grandma’s and I was out and about doing some errands in the Piazza Del Sol plaza.  I saw this nice pink sign with white letters…”Artzzy”, it said PHOTOS underneath it and it was the home of my old Blacks store, where I had gone for the past year or so, almost daily, to print pictures of my newborn. So it had peaked my curiosity, that a similar store had gone into the same location.

“Why did this store peak my interest?” – because I LOVE TAKING PICTURES !!  Mainly of my daughter and all of her glorious moments, especially the natural photos – so I can capture the raw highlights of her life.  I am a very amateur photographer, who takes pictures for my own enjoyment (and others). However, my passion for photography runs deep, always has….since I was a small child.  There is a picture of me, I think about a year-old or so, and I am screaming because I wanted the camera and my Mom was taking a picture of me with it !

So, in I go to Artzzy – and it reminds me so much of my old Blacks store, BUT different…I was greeted by a nice gentleman, Quincey, who called me a Superstar, and asked how he could improve my day ?

I began to tell him, how I wandered into Artzzy and my “history” with Blacks…I came in because I was looking for a new home to print my PLETHORA of pictures of my little one, who is now 4 years old by the way.  I never did anything but PRINT at Blacks, but Artzzy was different. They focused only on everything to do with prints, photobooks, any item you could imagine putting a picture on ! They do invitations, thank-you cards, remember the date cards….anything-you-want-on-a-card card !  Pretty awesome ! I was VERY excited to have found this place !! A NEW HOME TO PRINT MY ALL MY PICTURES !

I shared with Quincey, that I am a “dinosaur” in terms of technology – I do have a Sony Cybershot Dsc hx200v camera, which I can handle only at the basic level BUT I told him that I take most of my pictures with my camera and only a few pictures with my cell phone (Blackberry Classic I might add) AND that I want to print EVERY picture I have to put into an album to share with my little munchkin when she grows up one day.

“WOW” he said….Had I ever heard of photobooks he asked me? I did, and I had actually received a few as gifts, “very nice” I said BUT, I prefer printing and putting them in albums…old-school.

I also met, Tanya, another staff member at Artzzy, she is amazing as well ! Very helpful and friendly.

I didn’t have my camera with me that day, as I had only wandered in BUT, I was over the moon, to have found this place !!  “I’d be back soon” I said. I was ecstatic, inside and out ! I had met people who “got me”, who understood my DEEP love of pictures and photography – not to mention that they could help me turn my digital images into something tangible that I could touch and feel and make real to me.

That was the day I had found my “new favorite place” and my “new best friends” – truly.



Ann-Marie lives in Vaughan with her husband, and her beautiful 4-year old daughter, Sophie and is usually seen with her camera in her hand !



Artzzy Store

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over a store? Or are you the type that visits a local store that doesn’t sell groceries more than once a week? Well if you said yes to the above then you are just like my mother. In a previous post, I mentioned how she stumbled upon Artzzy while doing her weekly errands. That stumble was almost a year ago and has not lost momentum. I can’t believe that even after one year, my mom has not run out of photo ideas. Artzzy offers so many print ideas, that ones creative mind is the only limit.

My mom has been visiting Artzzy on a regular weekly and sometimes daily basis. She loves the comfortable and open environment. Not to mention how patient and knowledgeable the staff are.  She truly loves the fact that the staff are always willing to help her. With greetings like “Hello Super Customer” who wouldn’t want to spend some time shopping there?

While I have equipped my mom with an iPhone, she is in no way a “genius” and thus requires a lot of one on one support in order to make her photo dreams a reality. I’m not sure if it’s just a mom thing or everyone’s, but my mother sure does love pictures. One walk through her home and you’ see galleries of photos, all courtesy of Artzzy showcasing hers and her family’s life. She has canvases, photo mugs, metal frames and embossed albums just to name a few.

One can argue that there isn’t anything better than family time and since Artzzy came along, she has been able to save and share all her special moments with everyone.

So I encourage you, to take a walk, stroll or even a run to Artzzy and see what you can do with your photos.


Introduce myself!

Hi everyone!
Let me take this time to introduce myself. My name is Sara and I am a daughter, sister, wife and new mom! By day, I work as an elementary school teacher who tries to infuse art into almost everything. I have always had a passion for all things unique and artistic. Part of this love comes from being the daughter of a pen artist and the other comes from working in an art studio in my earlier years. So now that I have a family, I try my very best to infuse the arts into everyone’s life here at home. Whether it be through singing and dancing 24/7, or simply drawing with crayons with my 16-month-old daughter. Art has essentially become life here! I first came across Artzzy, after my mother enthusiastically came home to tell me that a new photoshop had opened right in the heart of Woodbridge (Piazza del Sole), from here it was basically loving and a flow of ideas at first site. Follow along with my photo experience, as I take you through everything and anything that they can create that you image!


Fabulously Fanatic



I am Angie…I am fabulously fanatic…I am ARTZZY!!

While I poked around the Artzzy website and began to familiarize myself with their photo enhancement software-suddenly a whimsical bolt filled with wonderful ideas suddenly strikes me!

Just to fill you in, I had taken some great photo shots of my 7-Year-old daughter trying on her beautiful communion dress during a dress fitting at home.  I decided to have some fun and took out some vintage pieces from my own communion and played dress up. Later on, I downloaded some pics on the ARTZZY website and when I realized all the incredible artistic enhancements I could make to the communion photo shoot I gave it a name-it was now a Vintage Communion Celebration.

My imagination went wild, I cropped, I enhanced, I added filters, borders, unique frames and made vintage thank you cards that looked frayed and antique.

Of course, being fabulouslyfanatic it couldn’t stop there! So, I went to ARTZZY and scanned real vintage communion pics from my Mothers, Grandmothers Communion and basically Communion pics of anyone who will be attending daughters Communion.  Why, because I was going to create a collage with all the pics and make custom gift wrapping to wrap all the party favors, create custom menus for the luncheon and create beautiful memorable collages for each family to take home as a thank you gift.

The ideas were endless, I was so excited to realize I could take ordinary photos and create magic and create ultimately art-it is art because it is unique, creative and it was mine!

Moving forward every week I will share with you “Artzzy” projects I have done.  Below are some Pictures of some of final products that it have create at “Artzzy”